Inside & Outside

Full Valets will offer you both Interior and Exterior Cleaning Services.

  • Mini Valet

  • £40-£50

  • mini car valeting services
  • Ideal for quick refresh

    • Pre wash + 2 bucket safe wash + car dried
    • Degreased & cleaned
    • Windows polished streak free inside & out
    • All rubbish removed + Interior vacuumed including boot
    • Dashboard thoroughly cleaned and all plastics wiped down
    • Acid free clean + Tyres back to black
  • Full Valet

  • £70-£80

  • full car valeting near me
  • For dirtier and more challenging cars

    • All mini valet features
    • Tar & other contaminants removed from bodywork
    • For extra gloss and protection
    • Dressed back to black
    • Machine cleaned
    • Seats shampooed
    • All plastics & dashboard thoroughly cleaned
  • Ultimate Valet

  • £100-£120

  • Detailing Valeting Services
  • Ideal valet to get your car back into the showroom condition

    • All mini valet features
    • All full valet features
    • A premium upgrade from our full valet service which will leave your pride "n" joy looking better than when you first drove it out of the showroom
    • Roof lining shampooed to remove all dirt & stains.
    • Choose from high gloss finish or longer durability up to 12 months
    • Alloy wheel wax applied to protect your wheels from contaminants such as brake dust, tar and salt

Optional extras

Delivering class-leading durability up to 12 months. Amazing shine and great water beading, which not only looks incredible but also helps to keep protected surfaces cleaner for longer in between routine washes. Designed to prevent fading, discolouring and oxidations. Protecting your bodywork from environmental contaminants like : uv light, salt, acid rain, industrial fallout   
Safe and effective way to enhance and restore the finish while removing very minor swirls.
Designed to quickly lift away dirt, grease, grime, and any other contaminants from all engine bay materials. Effectively transforms grubby engine bays into shiny, spanking-new motors
Hydrophobic glass coating which repels rain from windscreen & side glasses. Prevents rain and other unexpected water from remaining on windscreens and windows. Making driving in extreme weather conditions much safer.
All bonded contaminants removed leaving your paint smooth like baby skin. Thanks to clay bar your bodywork is fully prepared for coating application 
Alloy wheels wax applied to protect your wheels from contaminants such as brake dust, tar and salt
We are able to remove all kinds of stickers and badges without damaging the paint. Contact us for price
Our dog hair removal method will leave your car looking fresh, clean, and ready for more adventures with your precious pet!
We are able to remove light scratches and swirls from your bodywork by machine, however if scratch is too deep we are not able to fix it. Contact us for price
For heavy soiled seats to put more attention and restore them to like new condition
Roof lining shampooed to remove all dirt & stains.
Ozone treatment of rooms is a proven method of disinfection and refreshing, which lets you get rid of harmful microorganisms and unpleasant odours. PLEASE NOTE THAT VEHICLE CANNOT BE USED FOR 12-24 HOURS AFTER APPLICATION AND NEEDS TO BE WELL VENTILATED

Extra charges may apply for extremely bad vehicles.


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